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Some things are basics in life. Stories provide the moral values in life. They show us the right path of life. Its a struggle for perfection, lets help each other for a better tomorrow. We all feel the immense happiness when we see a child smiling, and earning for an hug, when we hug them with a open heart, the joy is immense and magical. We can see that happiness and joy when we love both consciously and subconsciously. True to Heart.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Story of Punyakoti - the strength of truth.

This is the story of punyakoti who believed in truth as God. This story is quite primitive, I remember my granny narrating this to me while I was a five year kid. She used to tell "one must never lie under any situations". The reader is recommended to grasp the humor from this story, rather than confusing oneself with real tigers and cows. The example of cow and tiger are considered in order to justify a casting of a cow with a innocent gentle person and that of a tiger with a cruel arrogant person. This story signifies to the listener by encouraging to speak the truth while facing situations in real life. Also provides strength and hope to the innocent victims, who are sometimes caught in unavoidable situations in real life. To encourage them to be with truth. At the same time the story also signifies that a cruel person also has a soft corner too. Thus when this story is reveled to a cruel person, it conveys a message of forgiveness to the innocent ones. Not to hurt the innocent, by doing justice to good ones. Usually when the truth is realized and spoken, it so happens that, we start feeling to experience a great relief within our psychological behavior and analysis. It is quite obvious that a mentally relaxed person with no fear to hide anything would provide better solutions to life's problems.Here are a few snaps of friendly tigers which could have been otherwise wild. To demonstrate the fact that the growing up environment definitely matters a lot in carving the personality of not only humans but also the wildest animals. (1) Friendly Tigers. (2) Tiger Temple. (3) Google Search.

In the heart of place named Dharani Mandala in Karnataka state lived a Shepard by name Kalinga.
He had bath in river and sat below the mango tree in the wee morning hours and played his flute to call all the cows.
He cried loudly to call the cows Gange, Gauri, Tungabadre and Punyakoti.
All the cows gathered hearing his voice and the tumbler was soon filled with their milk.

There lived a tiger by name Arbhuda in the near by surrounding forest hill who was hungry for food.
All the cows were scattered when he sprang with a roar of thunder and anger.
Cow Punyakoti on remembering the hungry cry of its calf was in a hurry to return in order to feed her baby.
The cruel tiger quickly sprang to stop the cow thinking that he got his food for the day.
The cruel tiger roared in anger and said “I’m hungry; I will split you apart right now”.
The cow said “Oh humble tiger, my hungry baby is waiting for me back at home. Give me a minute; I will be back once I feed my baby.”
The tiger said “You are lying to me; you will escape if I leave you. I’m not a fool to loose my delicious pray.”
The cow said “Please believe in me. Truth is everything to me, I swear upon my parents and relatives. God will not forgive if we lie”.

It returned back to baby after convincing its promise to the tiger who wanted to kill it and told the baby about the incident.
The baby cried “With whom will I stay if you leave? Whose milk will I drink? With whom will I sleep? With whom will I live? Who will take care of me?”
The cow requested its group people and said “Oh my mothers and sisters please take care of my orphan baby as your own child. Please don’t pierce your horns at him if he comes in front of you and don’t kick him if he comes behind you.” Then the cow embraced its baby and cried in pain thinking that it’s going to be orphan.
Without making any further delay the cow left the calf and was soon standing in front of tigers den.

The cow said to the tiger “Oh tiger, I have returned back as I promised, I offer this body to you, my flesh, bones and hot blood are all yours, have them all and be happy”.
The tiger repent and tears rolled down on listening to what the cow said. It realized the sacrifice the cow had made for the sake of truth. It realized that God would never forgive him if he killed such a truthful cow and would never be happy by hurting such a innocent soul.
The ashamed tiger said “you are like a sister to me, what will I achieve by killing you”, saying thus the tiger sprang and committed suicide.

Happy with this, punyakoti returned to feed its baby calf. Called the Shepard and said “All my cow siblings and in your Shepard siblings may worship lord Krisna in sankranti”.
He is the only gracious one who protects.
- the strength of truth.

In the above story the victory belonged to the good person, but sometimes the bad person wins too. Here is another Similar Story:
The Frog and the Nightingale. A story on how the jealous Frog kills the Nightingale.

Once upon a time a frog croaked in Bingle Bog (area of ground that is always very wet, soft, spongy and damp) all the night beginning from dusk (period of time at the end of the day, just before it becomes dark) to dawn (morning at which daylight first begins). All the creatures hated his loud and unpleasant voice but still they did not have any other option. The voice came out from the sumac (red flowering tree) tree where every night the frog sang till morning. He was so determined and also shameless that neither stones, prayers or sticks, nor the insults or complaints could divert him from singing.

One night, a nightingale started casting her melody in the moonlight to which both the frog and the other creatures were left dumbstruck. The whole bog remained, rapt (completely interested, involved, happy and pleased) and admired her voice and applauded her when she ended. The frog was obviously jealous of his rival and had finally decided to eliminate her. So, the next night when the nightingale was again preparing to sing, the frog’s croak disturbed her. On being asked about himself by the nightingale he answered that he owned the sumac tree and he had been known for his splendid voice. Also he said that he had written a number of songs for the Bog Trumpet.

The nightingale asked him whether he liked her song or not. The frog said that the song wasn’t bad, but too long, and it lacked some force. The nightingale was greatly impressed that such a critic had discussed her song. She said that she was happy that the song was her own creation. To this the frog said that she needed a proper training, to obtain a strong voice, otherwise she would remain a beginner only. He also said that he would train her but would charge some fee.

Now, the nightingale was flushed with confidence and was a huge sensation, attracting animals from miles away and the frog with a great accuracy charged all of them admission fee. The frog began her vocal training despite of the bad and rainy weather, where even the nightingale had first refused to sing. But the frog forced her to sing for six hours continuously till she was shivering and her voice had become rough and unclear. But, somehow her neck got clear the next day and she was able to sing again collecting a breathless crowd including rich ladies kings queens etc. To all this, the frog had both sweet and bitter feelings. Sweet because he was earning lots of money and bitter because of jealously as his rival was earning name and fame.

Everyday, the frog scolded her to practice even longer finding out her little mistakes like nervousness, not laying more trills (quick high tones) and frills (unnecessary additions) etc. He reminded her that she still owed him sixty shillings and that's why the crowd should increase.
But the condition of nightingale was getting worsened. Her tired and uninspired song could no longer attract the crowd. She could not resist this as she had become used to applause and thus had become miserable too. The heartless frog scolded her even then calling her a brainless bird. She trembled, puffed up, burst a vein and died. The frog said that he had tried to teach her but she was foolish, nervous and tensed and moreover much prone to influence. Then, once again the frog’s fog horn (deep, loud voice,warning signal in foggy weather) started blaring (making unpleasantly loud noise) unrivaled (emphasizing that something is much better or greater than other) in the bog.

The moral of the story is that being inspired and influenced by someone much unknown and strange is indeed a foolish work. The nightingale could have very well judged that how could the frog with such a harsh voice be music maestro and she had to suffer for her misjudgment. Many people in the human society also try to take advantage of the innocence or ignorance of the people.

It is quite obviously noticed that when ever a manipulative person with cruelty and anger, with the influence of devil tries to communicate with another person, having a different attitude of humble and gentle character, a person who has been tortured because of his innocence. It is quite noted that the thinking abilities of the calmer person does change into arrogance, which is not supposed to change tough. Only because of fear, that is aroused in this gentle person. The humble person is afraid that the devil may manipulate and take unwanted advantage of his gentleness. The innocence gets confused and thus giving way for such painful mental disasters. The other reason being, the humble one is unable to convince the devil about the devils expected conversion towards constructive optimism. It is quite easy for the devil to usually win in dictating over the innocence. Usually the devil involves in dirty addictions of various kind like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc to accomplish his dictating possessive dirty desires. If at all the innocence gives up to the devil, then certainly the devil will take undue advantage. The intention of devil is to enjoy the fruits by utilizing the talents and labor of the innocent. It is certainly an issue of Human Rights which is quite commonly experienced at work places.

Read: Peace

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This is indeed a very beautiful story of the Punyakothi cow. I was trying to google information on the Punyakothi, and stumbled upon this narration. Thanks!

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